Document to Data Newsletter – June 2021

Rebin Anselm

Rebin Anselm

Product Manager @ IN-D AI


New areas for Document-to-Data-to Decision automation
Reading Covid-19 Test Reports and Online Check-In

Full service carriers are concerned about customer experience as they cannot allow online check-in with mandatory Covid-19 test report checks. Budget carriers are worried about increased costs. In a recent pilot, IN-D automated the process of reading test reports and matching to country specific travel requirements.
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$900M Error at Citi and Reimagining Process Controls with AI

A process with 6-eye check resulted in an expensive error as the processor (maker), checker and reviewer all made the same mistake. Combining AI based controls in the process can reduce such errors significantly
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Rapid Advancements in AI Means IN-D Products Have Monthly Releases
Self-Learning Model for KYC Checks on New IDs

Government changes the format of an ID, or you want to accept another ID type for your onboarding process, or you are launching in a new country – all these upgrades will be self help now with IN-D’s self-learning module for Identity Verification.
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Template Independent Income Analysis

Bank statements, financial statements, salary slips – a lot of headaches to extract and analyse data manually. But an expensive, template-dependent product means you move from frying pan to the fire. IN-D Income Analysis is in Beta but has already been adopted by leading financial institutions as it is more intelligent and costs a fraction.
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New Partnerships and Updates on Current Partnerships
Payment Process Automation, in Partnership with Finastra

Manually faxed or email payment instructions need to be converted to SWIFT messages manually. Leading financial services product company, Finastra, has released a fully automated payment processing solution with IN-D Paygen.
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Aadhaar Data Masking as SaaS on Azure Marketplace

Leak of Aadhaar data is, both, a reputational and a financial risk. There are lot of solutions in the market with varying quality and security. In partnership with Microsoft, IN-D now uses its core AI engine for a ‘Transact’ (SaaS) offer on Azure available through a customer’s Azure account.
Check the offer here on Azure Marketplace

Rebin Anselm

Rebin Anselm

Product Manager @ IN-D AI

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