Template-agnostic data capture and reconciliation of financial documents

Scan or upload Bank statements, Salary Slips and more for real-time Income Analysis

Income Analysis by IN-D

For a Digital Enterprise​

Intuitive UI for Validation & Reconciliation

Reduce processing time as the unmapped transaction & reconciliation errors are highlighted

Fraud Detection

Automatic flagging of duplicate entries and unauthorized transactions in the bank statement

Image Quality Detection

Recognize quality of documents at sourcing to notify the user for resubmission

On-Prem and On-Cloud Deployment

Choice of different integration options to meet regulatory compliance requirements

Export Data to Anywhere

In-app export options to CSV or spreadsheets or to any accounting applications

Custom Workflow Setup

Supports connectors with popular RPAs to leverage the power of automation

Among Other things

Digitize Bank Statements & Salary Slips without setting up a template

IN-D Income Analysis  is now available as an intuitive web app. Register now for a no-obligation 3-month free trial.

Case Study


Reduction in friction in vendor on-boarding

Salary Dost

Auto-identification of customers to enable faster credit decisions

In Focus