AI-powered, automated income verification and analysis of consumers and small & medium businesses

Lenders need to estimate and verify applicant income to manage risk, determine exposure limits and assess ability to pay

35000 +
Applications processed from January 2023
550000 +
Pages processed from January 2023

Verify borrowers’ income and assess credibility within minutes

IN-D’s automated income verification goes beyond digitizing scanned/PDF Bank Statements, Pay slips, etc., to generate configurable pre-defined analytics.


Perform quality checks and recognize document types to reject wrong upload at source.


Accurate header and table data capture to scale dynamically in a jiffy


Identify suspicious activities with tampering detection and algorithmic validation


Acquire deep insights into cash flow, income and NSF Incidents with multiple data sources

Develop data-driven income verification and expedite your originations process

Eliminate manual data entry and get to the real work of financial analysis. Understand your clients better and faster, down to every transaction line item

Document Types

Bank Statements
Pay Slips
Tax Returns
Financial Statements


Rotated Docs
Skewed Images
Warped Docs
Noisy Docs


Printed PDF
Scanned PDF
Excel Sheets


Custom Period

For a Smart Enterprise

Human in the Loop, Intuitive GUI

Ensure 100% accuracy on the derived insights in near real-time

Data Consistency Checks

Perform similarity checks across the extracted data from both ID cards and Income documents

105+ Out of the box Calculations

Self-evaluate Bank Statement table extraction and map transaction types to build insights

9+ Fraud or Condition Checks

Reconcile across data sources and condition checks to ensure applicant fitness

Document Quality & Type Detection

Reject or accept documents at source basis the quality and type of document

On Prem & On Cloud Deployment

Choice of different integration options to meet business requirements

Supported Fields

Bank Statements

Account Holder Name

Account Number


Account Open Date

Type of Account

Account Holder Address

Bank Name

Date (Table)

Description (Table)

Debit (Table)

Credit (Table)

Balance (Table)

Pay Slips

Employee Name

Employer Name

Employer Address

Employee ID

PAN Number

UAN Number

Date of Joining


Bank Account Number

Bank Name

Period of Pay

Net Salary

Net Salary

Gross Salary

Date of Birth

Payable Days



Sick Leave



Acknowledgement Number

Assessment Year

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

PAN Number

Total Income

Gross Income

Among Other things

Setup Back Office Teams and Speed up your Underwriting process right from your browser

IN-D Income Analysis is now available as an intuitive web app on the Azure Marketplace.

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Reduction in friction in vendor on-boarding

Salary Dost

Auto-identification of customers to enable faster credit decisions

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