Manage your processes more efficiently
Customizable Digital identity verification solution to reduce frauds and improve customer experience
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Analyze Bank Statements & Pay Slips to expedite Credit Assessments
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Template-agnostic, auto-extraction of data from single and multi-page invoices
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Digitize all expense receipts with image-capture based submission to our mobile app
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Need for in-person interaction and physical document handling constrains enterprise operations – increasing costs and reducing flexibility
IN-D uses AI for fully automated digital operations – providing flexibility and reducing costs
Document Processing using AI based information extraction, independent of template, for structured or unstructured data
Real-time Video interaction based Processing for real-time, remote interaction using AI to prevent identity fraud
Image Processing using computer vision to identify, classify and validate images and digitize scanned documents
Intelligent Automation by synthesizing data from all sources to deliver actionable information
Active-learning system which ensures that IN-D with each manual correction and continuously improves, without touching the code
Set-up can be on cloud or on premise, used as a SaaS offering or integrated with existing systems through APIs, at no cost
Customer Satisfaction
Cost Optimisation

Leading Technology Companies also Partner with IN-D, to add the Power of AI for benefit of their customers

Retail Banking

World’s leading process automation company has partnered with IN-D for zero touch KYC process at leading Indian Bank

Digital Payments

A leading technology provider enabling digital payments is implementing IN-D for customer onboarding

Food Delivery

Leading food delivery chain is implementing IN-D for remote ‘delivery partner’ onboarding

Global Technology Leader

Has Partnered with IN-D for Transformation of an Accounts Payable function at a leading Indian Retailer

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