Cognitive AI platform to automate document processing in shipping and logistics operations

Template-agnostic accurate document classification and data capture for efficient business transactions

Eliminate delays and errors in document intensive supply chain processes

Process various shipping and customs documents in different languages and filter out unwanted documents to improve shipping transparency and efficiency. 

For an Efficient Enterprise

Drag-and-play Intuitive UI

Auto-flags low-confident capture data and highlights fields for manual review

Human-like Semantic Capabilities

Understands the context & recognizes key attributes with active learning capabilities

Deskewing & Denoising

Robust pre-processing to handle stamps & wrinkles on scanned documents

Quality Check & Pre-processing

Document recognition and quality checks to avoid manual back and forth

Export Data to Anywhere

Plug and play integration with your downstream processing to make you it and running in a jiffy!

Invoice Fraud Checks

Performs invoice audits by validating information , across documents and removes duplicates

Supported Documents

Insurance Certificate

Bill of Entry

Phytosanitary Certificate

Certificate of Origin

Letter of Credit

Bill of Lading

Proforma Invoice

Sea Waybill

Air Waybill

Vessel Certificate

Packing List

Commercial Invoice

Among Other things

Setup Back Office Teams and Speed up your Supply Chain process right from your browser

IN-D Payables is now available as an intuitive web app on Azure Marketplace

Case Study


Reduction in friction in vendor on-boarding

Salary Dost

Auto-identification of customers to enable faster credit decisions

In Focus