Cognitive AI platform to automate Accounts Payable operations

Multi/single page invoice data capture and validation with no template set up

Zero Touch Accounts Payable

For a Digital Enterprise

Drag-and-play Intuitive UI

Auto-flags low-confident capture data for manual validation and review

Human-like Semantic Capabilities

Understanding the context of characters and recognize key attributes

Deskewing & Denoising

Powerful image pre-processing to handle stamps & wrinkles

On-Prem and On-Cloud Deployment

Choice of different integration options to meet regulatory compliance requirements

Export Data to Anywhere

In-app export options to CSV or spreadsheets or to any accounting applications

Invoice Fraud Checks

Cross validate numbers on header and line-items for consistency and look for duplicates

Among Other things

Generate expense reports for reimbursements & tax filing from your phone

Click, Choose, Report. Reimbursements done right! BillsPls can build reports with the expenses you scan using your phone’s camera, and export as PDFs & spreadsheets.

Case Study


Reduction in friction in vendor on-boarding

Salary Dost

Auto-identification of customers to enable faster credit decisions

In Focus