About Us

IN-D is an AI powered platform for location-agnostic, agile and low-cost digital operations. Whether you performing KYC checks, processing insurance claims or managing accounts payables, IN-D enables a contactless yet connected operation.

Management Team

A team that blends R&D, Technology and Operations

Siddhartha S

Founder & CEO

Financial Services operations executive who was the CEO of State Street HCL JV and has set-up large process automation teams leveraging AI, Founder of Intain

Rahul Chandra

Chief Business officer

Business leader with enterprise software development and business development experience with large technology companies

K. Narayanasamy

Chief Technology officer

20 years in product engineering, last role in Analytics and Data Science team BNY Mellon technology center in India. Focus on Cognitive Automation using Artificial Intelligence Master Degree in Computer Science