About Us

IN-D is an AI powered platform for location-agnostic, agile and low-cost digital operations. Whether you performing KYC checks, processing insurance claims or managing accounts payables, IN-D enables a contactless yet connected operation.

Management Team

Siddhartha S

Founder & Director

Financial Services operations executive who was the CEO of State Street HCL JV and has set-up large process automation...

Shabbir Abid


Business leader with enterprise software development and entrepreneurship experience in AI, automation and aerospace.

Arvind Narayanan

Tech R&D Lead

A researcher who decided to apply his quantitative skills from ocean engineering to research in machine...

Board and Advisors

Hugh Simon

CEO, Hamon Investment Group

Hugh established Hamon Investment Group in 1989 and has focused Hamon’s fund management efforts on increasing...

Arjun Malhotra

Co-founder of HCL & Techspan

One of the earliest tech entrepreneurs from India, being the co-founder of TechSpan and HCL; Investor in tech ventures across sectors and...

Manmeet Singh

Founder, Blockseed Ventures

Manmeet has been an entrepreneur throughout his career. He established M&M Corporation in 2005 to provide China focused Strategy...

B Ravishankar

Board Member, Partner

Having worked across the industry over 35 years, from founding a company (Lister Technologies), to heading HR for Deutsche ...

Seshadri Premkumar

Mentor, Advisor, Executive, Investor

Prem was the Executive Vice Chairman of HCL Infosystems in his last executive corporate role, and brings a unique perspective having led ...