Automate data capture from Bank Statements, Salary Slips and more for real time Income analysis

Focus on your customer’s complex needs and let IN-D do the job of processing paperwork in Credit operations

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Bank Statement Analyzer

Process scanned, e-statements and even passbooks without having to specify the Bank name.

  • Template-free AI & hybrid operation models
  • Real time data analysis with 50+ Calculations done out of the box
  • Auto tagging of Bank Statement Transactions
  • Identify suspicious transactions
Why choose IN-D Credit?
Image Quality detection and optimization
90%+ accuracy out of the box
90% reduction in manual intervention
Intuitive Validation UI
Salary Slips & Bank Statement Reconciliation
On-Premise or On-Cloud via APIs
Deploy IN-D Credit in minutes

Reduce Costs

Spend less time and money on processing bank statements by using IN-D Credit

Improve Speed

Improve payment speed by reducing the processing time

Reduce errors

Prevent manual data entry errors with high quality data extraction on bank statements.

Prevent Frauds

Automatically recognize errors, duplicates and fraud.

Analyze Bank Statements and Salary Slips right on your desktop

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